EGOR Orlov

Alumnus 2014/15
Bio-tech City
Independent speculative architect. He specializes on the conceptual modeling and research of the future cities. His numerous works were published in the leading architectural national and international portals of magazines, such as Archru, ArchDaily, Domus, TATLIN NEWS. Egor gives lectures and organizes author's exhibitions. His work «Cybertopia. Future of an architecture space. Death of analogous cities» gained wide recognition, having won the Diploma of the first degree of XXIII Competition of graduation qualification works on architecture and design, Diploma of the Russian academy of architecture and construction sciences, Diploma of Association of construction higher education institutions and Diploma of «Innovative Architectural Approaches: Visionary of the 21 Century» in Lazar Khidekel Award. Egor is an owner of «A silver sign» of the Union of Architects, finalist of Evolo Skyscraper 2015, Krob 2014, Is Arch 5th edition, International Architecture Awards 2015, RTF SUSTAINABILITY AWARDS 2014 and a winner of 24 Hours Competition 5th Edition. His work was chosen, to represent the university on ArchiPrix International 2015 and reached the final.
kazan state university of architecture and engineering