Pekka Airaxin

Alumnus 2016/17
Pekka Airaxin is an architect, designer, and musician working across media, from the spatial to the audiovisual. His practice currently revolves around questions of how cultural narratives can push cities and technological frameworks to be designed into a viable planetarity. His work has been exhibited and published by organizations including the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Venice Biennale of Architecture, Paris Fashion Week, Helsinki Design Museum, and Boiler Room. He has also performed under various music projects and composed soundtracks for spaces, film, fashion, and art.
2014 – 2020
aalto university
Emergent Design Methodologies
2002 – 2011
tampere university of technology, school of architecture
Urban Design, Housing Design
Work Experience
2015 – now
aalto university
Project Manager
2015 – now
jkmm architects
2011 – 2012
playa architects
2010 – 2012
edge laboratory for architectural and urban research
Research Assistant