Vladyslav is an architect, researcher and editor. In 2014 he worked as an analyst of the International Institute for Future Studies (Kyiv, Ukraine). In 2013 he was an executive editor and author of articles for the book «Urban Studies: Politics and Practices of Urban Renewal» supported by Heinrich Boell Foundation in Ukraine. From 2012-2013 he worked as the chief editor of the architectural magazine A.C.C: Architecture / Culture / City (Kyiv, Ukraine), and as PR-director and coordinator of the International Festival of Architecture and Design «DAS FEST 2012: Transformation of the cities» (Kyiv, Ukraine). He also worked on the conception of the book of Spanish architect Manuel Nunez-Yanowsky's selected projects. As a member of the conceptual design team, he participated in such international architectural competitions as eVolo 2013 (Chicago, USA) — with the project «Dystopia of the Virtual Civilization», and [AC-CA] 2012 (Casablanca, MA) — with the project «Market Tower in Casablanca». Since 2012 he has worked on his PhD research «Interdisciplinary principles of post-Soviet cities' research and development». While studying at Strelka he was also involved in the work on the book «Strelka Effect» as an assistant of the chief editor Brendan McGetrick.
Work Experience
international institute for future studies
А.С.С: architecture / culture / city
Chief editor
international festival of architecture and design «das fest 2012: transformation of the cities»
PR-director and coordinator