LOUISA Vermoere

Louisa Vermoere is a stragetic & architectural designer. She has been co-developing several projects addressing public issues aiming for resilient solutions & strategies such as DIY, participation & multidisciplinary collaborations. Her projects try to reconnect immaterial streams considered as redundant. She has founded Collective Disaster & Louisa Made.line. Her and collective work & research has been shown at Parckdesign 2014 in Brussels, at «Second Hand Second Life» Les Petits Riens, expo 2013, Zinneke Expo Mat.OS, Brussels, 2014, Pop-up City Life, Beurschouwburg, Brussels 2014, at the Onassis Cultural Center in Adhocracy 2015, Athens and at Depot Basel in «The Collective Intention» 2015.
Work Experience
collective disaster
louisa made.line