10.05-31.05 / Workshop

Guide School: Moscow Through The Eyes Of An Engineer

A series of guided tours, lectures and trainings for those who want to look at Moscow's architecture from a new angle and learn how to talk about it in an engaging way

Want to know how the subway and Stalin's high-rises were built? Understand how built houses were moved in space and how monuments, buildings and bridges of Moscow were constructed? Learn how to speak about architecture in an engaging In a series of excursions and lectures experts will speak about the history and architecture of Moscow, looking at both disciplines through the eyes of an engineer. The course will also include trainings devoted to public speech skills, group management and creating routes and narratives for guided tours. The speakers are Elizaveta Likhacheva, historian of architecture and Deputy Director of the State Museum of Konstantin and Victor Melnikovy, Denis Romodin, ethnographer and founder of 'SovArch' project, Airat Bagautdinov, founder of 'Moscow through the Eyes of an Engineer' project, business coach Vladimir Dankin and team building coach Stepan Tipikin. 

The participants of the workshop will:

— study the history and architecture of Moscow

— develop public speech skills

— plan their own guided tour 

— get an opportunity to work with 'Moscow through the Eyes of an Engineer' as a tour guide

The course will be useful for historians, architects, experts in cultural studies, professional guides or beginners and everyone interested in Moscow's architecture and fascinating storytelling. The workshop will be conducted in Russian.The workshop is organized in partnership with the 'Moscow from an engineer's sight' project.

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