03.06 / Lecture

Future of the Word. Day Two

Forum on the development and changing of language in the modern world, digital technology in book publishing, trends in literature and new ways of exchanging information in Russia and UK

Together with Strelka Institute for media, architecture and design, British Council is hosting a 3 day ‘Future of The Word’ forum. The forum will be dedicated to the change that language is undergoing in the modern world, to the influence of digital technology on book publishing, trends in literature and new ways of information exchange in Russia and UK.

18.00 'Words and World Web' — a lecture by Peter Collingridge

Peter Collingridge is an independent publisher whose latest project has been a subscription platform for professionals, developed with Safari Books and later purchased by O’Reilly Media. In the interactive lecture he will talk about his least and most successful projects and offer several predictions on what awaits readers, writers and the industry in future.

19.00 Panel discussion by Strelka Press: 'How to talk to your reader to be heard?'

How does a book talk to a reader? Does non-fiction need to be reserved and serious? What is the right way to talk to the reader within the publisher discourse?

Participants of the discussion:

Ivan Sorokin,  Strelka Press

Maria Orlova, head of Samokat publishing house PR

Pavel Podkosov, CEO of Alpina Non Fiction

Asya Kazantseva, science journalist

Irina Levontina, linguist and science promoter

Andrey Baev, CEO of Bookmate

Oksana Moroz, the moderator of the discussion and culturologist, assistant professor at RSUH and RANEPA, teaches courses at The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, scientific director of the digital research bureau CultLook.

20.00 Beat Film Festival: Discussion with Grant Gee, Apollinaria Avrutova and Anna Narinska

Grant Gee is a British director, photographer and filmmaker famous for his 'Meeting People Is Easy' documentary about Radiohead. Gee has worked with U2 on their Zoo TV world tour, directed videos for Radiohead and Blur, made documentaries about anarchists, rock musicians and writers. Now he is working on his first feature film based on the novels 'The Lighthouse' by Alison Moore and 'Autonauts on Cosmoroute' by Julio Cortazar.

Apollinaria Avroutova is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Eastern faculty of St. Petersburg University. She has been a member of St. Petersburg’s Union of Writers since 2012. Avrutova is also a journalist, specialist in Turkish studies and a literary translator notorious for her translation of Orhan Pamuk. She has co-written the screenplay for Alexander Avilov’s documentary 'The Lost City of Orhan Pamuk'.

Anna Narinskaya is a special correspondent at «Kommersant» publishing house, literary critic and a curator. She has curated the 2015 exhibition '200 hits an hour. Typewriter and the mentality of XX century' at Moscow Museum of Modern Art. In 2016 Corpus publishing house has published Narinkaya’s book 'Not a finch. A story about self in notes and additions'.

22.00 Beat Film Festival: The screening of 'Innocence of Memories'

The Turkish Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk has opened a museum dedicated to an imaginary love story happening in Istanbul in the 70s. The film is a peculiar combination of the story of this special place, romantic adventures, thoughts about Istanbul and, finally, the figure of the writer himself who connects all of the above. Documentary and archive footage, an interview with Orhan Pamuk, a recreation of the imaginary love story, poetic perspective on the items exhibited in museum — all of it sends the viewer into a sophisticated and sensual journey to the realms of memory, longing, love and loss.  

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