03.09-04.09 / Workshop

Speculative architecture: How to prototype the future

Guggenheim curator Troy Therrien and architect Rodion Eremeev will teach how to prototype cities of the future

In architectural practice it often happens to follow common standards and bound creative process with strict frames. How can projects look like when they are not burdened with deadlines, resources and client’s wishes? Workshop's participants will think on the possible future of cities and architecture, balancing on the boundaries of design, fiction and futurology. The workshop will be useful to architects, urbanists, sculptors, designers, artists and to all others whose professional activity is connected with architecture.

Guggenheim Museum curator and Columbia University professor Troy Therrien will explain how to develop intellectual flexibility, which is necessary for a contemporary architect. Under the guidance of Troy the participants will work out the strategies of architectural development in a rapidly changing world and learn what features of Russian context should be considered during city planning.

Architect Rodion Eremeev thinks that it is necessary not only to dream about the future but to create its prototypes. He will suggest workshop's participants to exit the comfort zone, that means to refuse the traditional academic approach and unleash fantasy. During the second day the participants will create a series of futuristic concepts and will present them in prototypes and storytelling format.

Participants will learn how to:

— use collective thinking for working on the idea;

— operatively develop new concepts;

— think not only within the framework of the academic approach;

— operate knowledge and skills from other fields for idea improvement.

Participants will need a laptop with Photoshop and Illustrator installed on it.

The workshop will be held in English supported by the USA Embassy in Moscow.

Participants will prototype cities of future using LEGO sets which you can buy exclusively in the network of certified LEGO shops.

Troy Therrien — curator of architectural and digital headings in the Guggenheim Museum, Professor at the Columbia University. His curatorial practice combines traditional approach and experimental forms, which is determined by Troy’s interest in programming.

Rodion Eremeev — architect, Head of the Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism NRU HSE. Graduated from Strelka Institute, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and the Moscow Institute of Architecture. Rodion works in fields of algorithmic design, digital production and robotics. Rodion is interested in the comprehension of reasonable technology usage and experimenting in architectural concepts creation.

Cover photos: работа для Архитектурного Биенале, Русский Павильон — Urban Phenomena. Воркшоп ВШУ НИУ ВШЭ. Автор — Родион Еремеев
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