15.08-16.08 / Workshop

A New Vocabulary: How to speak about urbanism

How can terminology and language influence changes in the environment and the cultural landscape? Learn how to talk about the city simply and clearly with interdisciplinary language researchers from UrgentCity

Citizens, governments, and NGOs are increasingly involved in urban discourse and engage in collaborative approaches to city planning. Our contemporary vocabulary, however, is dominated by terms which may appear generic, confusing, hyped, redundant or may simply be understood differently by people from different disciplines. The UrgentCity project works at ways to trace these terms and build mutual understanding of the communication challenges we face in city-making. Together with the founders of the project, workshop participants will determine which concepts from the relevant areas are fuzzy, build meaningful links, and organize them in such a way as to fill these terms with precise meaning and content.

The participants will be grouped in small teams and engaged in different term grouping, filtering, and organizing exercises. Each group will work on one of the four key topics: Urban Assets, New Collectives, New Ecology, and Digital Toolkit. To read detailed descriptions of the topics and discussion questions, please click here.

Workshop will be held by Cristina Ampatzidou и Ania Molenda from Amateur Cities. It will be useful not only to specialists whose work is directly related to urban planning, but to everyone who is interested in the environment around them and wants to talk about it freely.

Applications for participation are accepted until August 14, 16:00, the Institute's producer will contact you to confirm participation. The workshop will be held in English; spoken language level is mandatory. The event is supported by Creative Industries Fund NL.

UrgentCity is a research project on communication problems in urban planning and environment development discussions. It helps specialists from different areas and spheres, professionals, and citizens find a common language. Project experts are engaged in both scientific and educational activities, and organize conferences and workshops around the world for mutual understanding and cooperation between different institutions.

The event is part of the ‘Strelka Summer 2017’ Open Call. The four best project to be selected after the contest will be presented as part of the Institute’s summer public programme.

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