28.07 / Screening

Strelka Film Festival by Okko. Summer with Monika

World’s cinema classics: a pair of teenagers meet one summer day, start a reckless affair and abandon their families to be with one another. To centenary of Ingmar Bergman

Harry Lund is a nineteen-year-old man who meets Monika, a romantic, reckless and rebellious seventeen-year-old, and they fall in love. They leave their families and jobs in their small town, Harry gets his father's boat and they spend the summer together in an isolated island. Monika gets pregnant, and Harry decides to marry her. He grows up, gets a job and returns to his studies, trying to improve their lives and raise their daughter June, while Monika just wants to have fun.

The film premiered in 1953.

Summer with Monika, dir. Ingmar Bergman; Sweden; 1953. Cast: Harriet Andersson, Lars Ekborg, Dagmar Ebbesen. 92 min, 16+. In Swedish with Russian subtitles.

Screening begins at 11:59 pm.

The screening of the film will be held as part of the third international Strelka Film Festival by Okko. The programme includes Russian and Moscow premieres of films from different countries selected by curator Stas Tyrkin. Winners of and participants in international competitions, including festivals in Cannes, Berlinale and Sundance and the Russian Kinotavr, will be presented in a series of eleven film screenings. The festival is supported by Okko, a streaming service that develops projects provoking viewers’ interest in cinema. Its’ collection includes blockbusters, popular series, short films and independent movies. Okko also supports festivals and hold special screenings.The curator of the film festival is Stas Tyrkin: film critic, member of the Moscow International Film Festival selection committee, program director of the Dvijenie festival and curator of the cinema course at the Gogol Center.

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