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Neural Music Meets Urban Space: New Art Forms

Olof van Winden, director and founder of the TodaysArt festival in The Hague, Maurice Jones, artistic director of the Mutek.JP festival of electronic music and digital creativity, and Natalia Fuchs, co-producer of Gamma festival, will share their views on how new art practices are reshaping society.

In the new economy era, art events invite innovative ideas, hypotheses, and prototypes aimed at addressing modern challenges. AR artists suggest we take a look at the world through the eyes of an animal to gain a new perspective on posthumanism; musicians play the neural synthesizer for the first time in history; and AI-based art projects emerge in scientific laboratories.

The United Curators collective will talk about the festivals that were the first to embrace these new art forms. On May 23, Strelka's courtyard will bring together the curators of St. Petersburg's Gamma festival of music, art, and urban culture, Japan's Mutek.JP festival, and the Dutch TodaysArt festival. They will gather to discuss how the cultural space generates and promotes innovative projects.

Olof van Winden is director and founder of the TodaysArt festival in The Hague. Under his leadership, TodaysArt has grown into an international network of festivals spanning from the US to the Middle East. Van Winden was also the director of the Montevideo/ Netherlands Media Arts Institute in Amsterdam. He has curated renowned exhibitions and events, including the Seoul Biennale (Media City Seoul, 2012), Detroit Electronic Music Festival (2002, 2003) and large-scale exhibitions in Moscow, in collaboration with the National Centre of Contemporary Arts and the Moscow Biennale.

Maurice Jones has been artistic director of Mutek.JP festival of electronic music and digital creativity since its launch in Tokyo in 2016. He’s heavily invested in exploring the interconnection of art, music, science, and technology, and their impact on societal progress, public policies, and intercultural exchange on a global scale.

Natalia Fuchs is a new media researcher, art historian, international curator, and co-producer of the Gamma festival. In 2013, Natalia founded the art relations practice ARTYPICAL. She is an international advisor to the Barbican Centre (London, UK) and the ZKM Center of Art and Media in Karlsruhe.

United Curators is an international cultural association founded in 2018. Its members are engaged in innovative cultural practices research, as well as the international production and promotion of new cultural forms.

The event is organized with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Russia and participation of Mutek.JP.

The discussion will be held in English, with simultaneous interpretation into Russian. Receivers will be issued in exchange for an ID.

For accreditation contact pr@strelka.com.

english with simultaneous translation into Russian
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