14.08 / Lecture

From Ego To Eco

How to move from words to action on conscious consumption and make more informed eco decisions in one day

Do you feel bad when you see meal kits full of wasteful plastic packaging? And single-use coffee cups? Do you wish developers would introduce separate waste containers in your living environment? Living in 2019 means blaming yourself and others for a lack of environmental awareness.

On August 14, Strelka's courtyard will see experts in sustainable development, representatives of multinational companies, local businessmen, architects, and eco and food activists talk about finding one’s way in a complex world of sustainability.

Lecture 19:00-20:00

Out of 14,000 respondents from 14 countries, 90% said they are willing to change their behavior and move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. However, they seem to talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk – largely because they’re uncertain about where to begin. At the same time, knowing that your contribution is just a drop in the ocean is even more discouraging.

Stefan Sjöstrand of Ingka Centres will talk about simple, everyday choices, new business models, innovations, and explain why recycled plastic sneakers, vegan meatballs, and window sill-grown basil are more than just an Instagram trend.

Stefan is the Global Commercial & Digital Director at Ingka Centres. He is responsible for the company's commercial development strategies, marketing, digital projects, innovation, and sustainable development. Prior to this, he held senior positions in multiple divisions with Ingka Group (formerly known as IKEA Group), having been senior vice president of IKEA France and president of IKEA Canada.

Showcase 20:20-22:00

An ever-growing number of people are becoming involved in social entrepreneurship and environmental initiatives, open charity shops, separate waste collection points, and air quality monitoring stations. They’re also managing leftovers and starting community gardens. Activists from Russia and Europe will talk about multiple aspects of sustainability, social entrepreneurship rules, urban green spaces, ethical fashion, and sustainable consumption patterns.


Dmitry Zakarlyukin (Chelyabinsk) is an activist, founder of Veshchevorot (clothes donation initiative), Cellulose, Reboard, Chelyabinsk, breathe!, EcoTaxi, and other projects. Dmitry will talk about launching a profitable recycling pick-up service and maintaining an air quality control network of sensors.

Alena Panova (Moscow) is a landscape architect at Strelka KB. She will explain how to become involved in guerrilla gardening, lay hands on a local dooryard, and grow vines on the side of a residential block.

Olya Mironenko (Moscow) is an environmental expert and co-founder of "Taiga. Brain Ecology". She is also the coordinator of a Russian platform for waste and marine debris management.

The list of speakers will be updated.

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This event is organized together with Ingka Centres.

Ingka Centres is part of Ingka Group (formerly known as IKEA Group). Ingka Group has 44 shopping centres in 14 markets operating under different brand names: LIVAT in China, MEGA in Russia, and several brands in Europe. Ingka Centres welcomes over 480 million visitors to its stores annually.

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