28.11 / In The City

Day 1. Business

What are the innovations in business today? How do private initiatives become part of urban infrastructure and change our everyday lives? Find out the answers on the first day of the In the City conference

Data-driven design, machine learning, smart recycling — these technologies are designed to solve specific problems that businesses face, and at the same time affect society, the economy, and culture. What is the nature of this influence? How do these initiatives help in city development?

During Tech Talks, a series of short presentations, company representatives will talk about industries of application, advantages, limitations, and prospects of particular technologies.

Leo Stuckardt (Netherlands) – architect specializing in the use of the latest technology and speculative design. Project manager at MVRDV architectural firm. Graduate of The New Normal program at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design.

Data-driven design is increasingly becoming the main design method, and its tools bring together architects, engineers, financial consultants, and other key players at all stages – from concept to project implementation. Leo Stuckardt — using the example of The Valley, the project that is now under construction in the Zuidas district of Amsterdam — will talk about how the role of automated design has changed.

Anna Dubovik (Russia) – Head of the Advanced Analytics Department at Gazprom Neft.

Machine learning has become an integral part of life in the city. Advertising, transport, social networks, business — everything is built on artificial intelligence algorithms, and residents themselves provide data for this. In order to develop, companies need to master these technologies — often a complex process because it requires resources and lacks a universal standard. Anna will talk about how Gazprom Neft handles this, and will share the company’s latest developments in this area which can be actively used by other organizations.

Evgeny Gudov (Russia) – Head of Yota Lab and Planetarium №1.

One person produces 410 kilograms of waste per year. In St. Petersburg, 2.8 million tons are accumulated over the course of a year. Ninety percent of all garbage goes to dumps, where it will take hundreds of years to decompose. The problem of ecology and responsible consumption is now more important than ever. Yevgeny Gudov will talk about the Intelligent systems project created by Yota Lab, which, with the help of robotics and artificial intelligence, helps to carry out smart recycling. The raw materials obtained as a result are either sold or used to produce energy.

Anton Beskhodarny (Russia) – Head of technological strategy programs at Gazprom Neft

As the amount of information increases, it becomes critically important to “arm” company workers with new interfaces that quickly and clearly present a huge amount of information. Anton Beskhodarny will talk about how AR and VR technologies are used at Gazprom Neft – in particular, how a VR test can help evaluate an employee’s risk appetite.

Sergey Lavrentiev (Russia) – One of the founders and CEO of St. Petersburg kicksharing service Whoosh, president of the double-decker tour operator City Sightseeing Russia.

The “Internet of Things” concept, a new way of managing the physical world, is becoming increasingly relevant for cities. One of its manifestations is a kicksharing service consisting of the rental of electric scooters, gyro scooters, and segways. There are several factors that prevent the development of sharing in St. Petersburg. Sergey will talk about the principles of the kicksharing platform, IoT (Internet of Things) technology, the specifics of introducing the service in St. Petersburg, and the difficulties of developing and launching Whoosh.

For accreditation, contact pr@strelka.com.

The In the City conference is organised by Gazprom Neft and is part of the Rodnye Goroda social investment program. The program is managed by Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design.

In The City
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