The case study down the street: what do they teach at Chief Architect School?

Strelka Magazine spoke with the participants of the Chief Architect School workshop in Yekaterinburg and learned how to make a developer think outside the box, why students have to compete and what drawbacks projects like this have.

Guy Standing on societies where everyone has an unconditional basic income

Strelka Magazine met the famous economist to learn why the precariat is happy when billionaires get nightmares and why everyone needs an unconditional basic income.

Put an idea on the map: The «What Moskovsky district wants» project has been launched

Ideas for upgrading the Moskovsky district in Saint Petersburg will be collected in an atlas.

Daniel Miller: "Most of our discoveries were represented in the form of cat memes"

The British anthropologist on why it’s good when your hypotheses fail and how to popularise knowledge the modern way.

The Urban and Advanced: 12 Faces of the Master’s Programme

Strelka Magazine found out what brought them all together, their expectations of studying in Russia and the goals they set for themselves and their native cities.

Simon Hayhoe: «You will not get rid of discrimination by simply putting a ramp up to the door»

Anna Ilchenko, co-curator of the “Human Commonalities” project, talked to Simon Hayhoe about the political struggle for the rights of the disabled, the utopianism of universal design and how modern technologies can help us make the world more comfortable and accessible to all.

Rob Kitchin: "Technology just appears and people can either accept it or protest against it"

On the alternatives to smart cities, test-bed urbanism, and the possibility of replacing conventional statistics with big data