​How Forensic Architecture is uncovering the truth and challenging narratives

Architects reconstruct tragic events to expose crimes and human rights violations.

Reporting from Magadan: Films by Strelka researchers explore ‘The New Arctic’

In March, a group of Strelka students arrived in Magadan — a declining port and mining town on the eastern edge of Russia founded in the Stalinist era — to explore possible future scenarios for the region in the age of automation.

​Eva Franch i Gilabert chosen as new director of AA School of Architecture

The Architectural Association School of Architecture has announced that Eva Franch i Gilabert has been chosen as its new director following a vote which saw her receive the most support in a contested election since 1990.

​Largest meeting for sustainable cities: Urban Future Global Conference kicks off in Vienna

Europe’s largest event for sustainable cities which gathers innovative decision makers has started in Vienna.

Rem Koolhaas unveils renovation concept for New Tretyakov Gallery

Through eliminating dysfunctional parts and removing a number of walls, OMA plans to breathe new life into Russia’s largest museum building.

​Strelka design think-tank continues to map the 'new normal' reality

Meet the new cohort of Strelka Institute researchers untangling The New Normal.

​How to improve food systems in developing countries

Advanced Urban Design students' proposals for improving food security in Johannesburg's troubled Hillbrow neighborhood will be presented to the city's mayor.

​This co-working commuter concept could change the nature of how we work

A project by Advanced Urban Design students suggests offices on wheels and bus stop work hubs could be the future of urban areas.

How a remote village in Russia’s Caucasus became a rising tourist hotspot

Just 10 years ago, a few dozen tourists would come to Kubachi each season. In 2017, it hosted around 1,500 people.

New medieval geography & third cultural space: Mapping the modern world

Why it is time to make the case for geography.

A guide to Soviet modernism in the Armenian capital

Architect Tigran Harutyunyan picks Yerevan’s 10 most interesting modernist buildings.

​‘Projects in developing countries should not be designed like charity’

The Advanced Urban Design team explores the issues of food insecurity and poverty in Johannesburg’s troubled Hillbrow neighborhood.
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