Postgraduate Programme 2019/20

The Terraforming

The research programme explores the implications of the transformation of ecosystems and the looming ecological consequences of what is called the Anthropocene for urbanism at planetary scale.
Postgraduate Programme 2018/19


This third year of The New Normal continues to build on the work of the previous years surrounding planetary-scale computation, logistics, platform design and emergent networks of value.
Postgraduate Programme 2017/18


The New Normal is a multidisciplinary postgraduate programme at the Strelka Institute which focuses on research and design for the city and explores opportunities and challenges posed by emerging technologies for interdisciplinary design practices.
Postgraduate Programme 2016/17


Strelka becomes a speculative urbanism think-tank, a platform for the invention and articulation of a new discourse and new models.
Postgraduate Programme 2015/16


The theme of this year – what Strelka has called Hybrid Urbanism – sets out to explore the ways digital technologies are manifested in the space of the city and speculate of their potential applications and transgressions. If personal data becomes the new economic resource, how can we claim ownership of it?
Postgraduate Programme 2014/15

Big Future

This time Strelka’s educational programme was called Big Future. The students were offered a list of global trends that will radically affect our life in the next century. Over the course of the program the teams explored 11 of those trends by challenging existing definitions and proposing their own.
Postgraduate Programme 2013/14

Urban routines

What defines the daily life of a city? How does the past influence our present reality and what will the future entail? By researching the fabric of the ordinary, is it possible to arrive at ambitious outcomes and create on their basis innovative projects?
Postgraduate Programme 2012/13

Agents of change

Agents of Change are people, who transform the world around them through the force of their ideas and actions, events that set in motion irreversible change, factors that transform public perceptions and ways to turn concepts into practical solutions.
Postgraduate Programme 2011/12


Moscow and part of the region that surrounds it was merged to create the first megacity in Europe. The purpose of the research is to analyze these processes and understand how life has changed the city and the country, and how it will change in the future.
Postgraduate Programme 2010/11

Year one

The programme relied on a ‘holistic’ approach to architecture, media and design, cross-disciplinarity and creative research to offer new solutions to urban challenges.