Alternative Forms of Governance

The technology of the Internet is meant to systemically resist hierarchy and consolidated control. Particularly in the pixel of California from whence so many information age technologies originate, the Internet's decentralized design has been extrapolated into a political ideology, expressed in visions of near future societies where netizens self-govern and the institutions of old hold no sway.

This project explores what happens when these sunny assumptions are exposed to the frigidity of Russian politics. It imagines the future application of supposedly egalitarian tools, behaviors, and business models to a society with opposite ideals. For decades, optimists around the world have embraced the idea that information age technologies can provide a voice for the disenfranchised, expose abuses of power and, ultimately, democratize the world. ‘The Dictatorship of Media' shows how, through government intervention and content control, these same technologies can be used to do the opposite.
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