Bio-tech City

The transformation of the human body has already been launched, as we update or extend our abilities with help of digital gadgets, like Google glasses. Further, at the level of the human embryo, Chinese scientists recently published the results of experiments prohibited in Western countries. Those interventions are raising many ethical questions which we continue to discuss; meanwhile, our opinion is changing together with science and the development of new technologies. In the past we felt compassion or condolence for the people with disabilities, but in the future those people will be the first candidates to become super heroes with enhanced abilities.

All this manipulation of living organisms is changing the attitude towards the main question: are we aloud to design life? The project done by the research group on Augmented Biology tries to imagine the influence of new technologies in the field of health care. The format of the project is utopia, where health is the future product, triggering new types of city infrastructure.
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