Chinese Domination

This project envisions a border territory where Sino-Russian needs intersect, a zone of agricultural, infrastructural, and military development. This zone is symbolic; it is a reflection of China’s intense urbanization on one side of the border, and Russia’s extensively undeveloped territory. The zone is also pragmatic: these typical national conditions, so different from one side of the border to another, are unified by the needs of each state as it seeks to maintain a powerful course for the future. The project is a proposal for a new kind of Sino-Russian alliance, an infrastructural interdependence that maintains peaceful relations between these super-neighbors as they strive to counter other major powers in the 21st century.

Here, from food production to the exploration of deep space, Russia and China are bound together in a net of mutual and complementary development. The project raises questions about the possibilities for the intensification of relations between the two states; further, it delineates that part of the world where the future of global power may be manufactured. It is a vision of cooperation motivated by self-interest, an international yin-yang of resources and consumption that seeks to tip the balance further from West to East.
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