The leading question of our proposal is what would have happened if cosmism wasn’t forgotten after the October revolution but embraced through technofetishisation. We aim to illustrate the arising alternative system of Neocosmism via its rituals, the twisted, spiritual relationship to one’s data and an alternative visual language.
The final output will be a cinematic piece which reframes Russia’s past and present as well as a website which illustrates the aesthetics and architectural implications of Neocosmism.
While cosmism was dismissed as being over-spiritual after the fall of the USSR, we raise the question of how it could possibly have lived on in a less anthropocentric and materialist manner, but in symbiosis with cybernetics and the quantified self movement.
Neocosmism alike cosmism promotes immortality as the common task of humankind. In order to achieve immortality Neocosmists strive to overcome the human, bodily condition and eventually become post-human that is to say virtual. They aim so by performing an extensive data gathering and daily back ups in the hope that one day their consciousnesses will be simulated and networked within a timeless, post-body society.
The aim of the project is not only to speculate about a possible alternative system, that draws on a relationship between technology and religion, but to illustrate that what we perceive to be reality is just a matter of perspective and interpretation.