Growth of Leisure Economy

The technologies are invading. And this hast its consequences. The post-industrial era, as well as industrial will influence our life. Some of predictions are saying that we will be working only for 4 hours, there we will have more free tome, many type of work will be automated, as the result some types of professions will disappear and it will be not enough things to do, while amount of people on the plant will continue to grow. What will we do without work? How will we spend this free time? Will we be satisfied with this new type of leisure? Will we become better if the boring work will be done by robot or we will be just servicing robots? What kind of new leisure we will have in the future? Will growing free time will affect existing social structure?

The filed of research is the growth of free time in the future and the prediction about the way world will change, as well as we. The project taking into account possible negative effect of this phenomenon and in a way is alarming – bad leisure quality might be dangerous. That is why the place for the future vision is also controversial – Crimea might be the territory for upcoming transformation.
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