MERA is a speculative proposal for a new sovereign layer of governance based on the logics of watersheds, exploring the past, present and potential futures of the Caspian region.

The fragmented governance of ecological bodies is misaligned with the necessity to make cohesive decisions about ecological systems that extend beyond state borders. The combination of spatial incoherencies with the short-term logics of current political and economic structures have fueled anthropogenic activities resulting in the overexploitation and progressive shortage of natural resources. How might we define alternative spatial and temporal logics of governance more consistently linking the deep time and shifting dynamics of ecological systems with the micro-scales of human temporal perception?

Taking the contested region of the Caspian Sea as a case study, Mera is a speculative proposal for the redefinition of territory based on the primary logics of watersheds, the dynamic relations they offer and require, and the cascading flows of resources they shape.