of earth and sky


OF EARTH AND SKY is an investigation that speculates on a Russian geodesign vernacular in the interplays between earth and sky, science and fiction.

Humans have been terraforming the Earth since we first set foot on it, yet it is not long ago that we became conscious about this. We therefore need to understand and map the disparate perspectives and ideals for this Earth, considering its large-scale manipulation as different nation-building projects. Given its territorial scale and unique connection to environmental modification history and technologies, Russia is a fitting case to start exploring the conflicting cosmologies and cultures of planetary design.
OF EARTH AND SKY is an investigative and speculative narrative that reframes the Russian territory as an artificial land in itself, a geodesign project of continental scale. From a city built on swamps to the weather race, and from nature preservation to the control of the ionosphere, the investigation traces a Russian vernacular of geodesign in the interplay between the engineering of land and the control of the skies, bouncing between the national and the planetary. The analysis is reposited in an archival interactive website, in the form of non-linear stories that weave science with fiction. By uncovering this trajectory, OF EARTH AND SKY speculates on the future of the geodesign practice that we need but not yet have.