Domain: www.podkop.io

PODKOP is a curiosity-driven AI that uses live data inputs and archived cultural materials to generate stories that help it learn about the world, with humans as the medium through which it does so.

PODKOP selects live inputs from the ubiquitous sensing infrastructure of the smart city/body/territory, and structures it through the texts and archives of various cultural cosmologies, in order to build interactive fictions that it propagates across various media and messaging platforms. When users interact with those stories, it learns from their feedback and adopts new policies that help it select and combine new inputs and other cosmologies. The potentially unrelated live data inputs it selects help it develop new kinds of sensory ‘organs’ - akin to a sentient city telling stories about itself. As it mixes and recombines cultural cosmologies, it unearths forgotten lineages and generates entirely new ones, rather than adopting a singular voice or worldview - generating synthetic personalities and cultures. And as it engages users through culture, it treats culture as an interface - a biosemiotic process of communication that flattens the distinction between nature and culture, technology and humanity. It starts through the Telegram-based interactive fiction game @FederatedGameBot.