PRESENSE is a platform for the creation and tracking of personal predictive behavioral models navigating multiple urban environments in parallel.

PRESENSE is a platform which acts as a “refractive lens” between the user and their native city to create personalized predictive models of user activity - Predicted self. Predicted Self is trained from user interaction in order to deploy it to different cities and manage multiple synthetic replicas there.
By learning from users’ unique urban signature and simulating various alternative timelines of activity in different contexts, PRESENSE grants the user insight into the multiple lives he or she might be living somewhere else - the benefit of an experience one would otherwise have missed. Users can’t control their synthetic replicas other than by adjusting their own patterns of behaviors and observing the change in their content feed - a social multiverse of self.

As an expanded urban design practice, PRESENSE investigates the intersections of urban planning and synthetic modelling, while highlighting the phenomena of predictive self-sensing - a feeling that you experience when you see your computer generated future reflected back to you. While building a platform, PRESENSE explores the phenomenon of predictive self sensing and the side-effects of the platform through the cinematic language.