Team: Karina Golubenko, Egor Kraft, Alina Kvirkveliya, Pekka Tynkkynen

AIR KISS is a speculative project looking into a visionary present, a “next normal” of Moscow. It carries a suggestive future scenario, where AI embedded in material and ambient computation in the form of a master DAO have largely become responsible for an all-capturing, all-tracking, equalitarian and predictive governance. It is a state of liquid anarchy where legislation morphs according to users’ values, beliefs and behaviour patterns in a hi-res geographical granulation of tracking and infrastructural implementation.
What used to be a room in a house, a street in the city, a suburban area, an oblast or a nation are now all subject to different degrees of amorphous legislation and flavours of logic. This is an ecosystem that simultaneously dissolves old state, sovereignty, property and even personal boundaries and on the other hand creates multiple levels of autonomy, zones that expand from anything like body parts to tectonic plates.

The video serves as a visionary medium of the proposed governance model and consists of several vignettes unfolding the post-state conditions in Moscow. The narratives show glimpses of human interaction, prototypes for future interfaces, and urban repercussions, such as the obsoletion of institutional buildings, dissolution of borders and modes of spatial distribution. The urban fabric of today is flashed out with the future, while narration visits the perception of human and non-human entities. The urban regime in which institutional buildings become obsolete due to the death of old governmental structures brings up the question of their appropriation by citizens.

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