Studio report

The intrinsic relationship between people, the car, and the city of Moscow.
Compared to the rest of Europe, the car arrived late in Moscow. Private car ownership continues to grow and what other cities experienced over several decades, Moscow is going through in fast forward mode. Traffic jams are the most visible signs of Moscow’s mass auto-mobility. The increasing amount of road-related services and the high status of car ownership underpin the immense economic and cultural impact of mass car use.
To capture all of these issues, the studio has been structured around a division into politics, economy and culture. The following questions shall form the basis of our study: How do toll roads and paid parking in the inner city impact upon personal freedom? Do they divide space between the rich and poor? Are Moscow’s retail and office parks along highways unavoidable. Will Moscow soon come to resemble any other European city? In which ways does the car help people to fight against inequalities, promote and express themselves?

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