Studio report

Can a structure that allows for personalised trajectories within a common educational system be developed?
How to reanimate dead schools without destroying tradition? What does it mean to be informed in an environment of constantly updating information with uncertain value? What is the value of expertise in an age that fetishizes multidisciplinarity and amateurism?
‘Education as a project’ is a collective investigation of Strelka’s future potential as an institution and educational model. It applies personalized, critical thinking to the school and society at large, through a research process that emphasizes adventure, pleasure, and experimentation. Starting from the researchers’ individual experiences, the survey spans outward to take in educational efforts around the world, via lectures, films, field work, and assigned readings. Based on their findings and under the direction of their instructors, members of the theme defined visionary ‘master plans’ for the future of education at Strelka, in Russia, and abroad. Researchers performed as both students and teachers, processing learned information and personal insights to develop educational experiments at Strelka and elsewhere.
How can we develop a structure that allows for personalized trajectories within a common educational system?