Studio report

What are the most pressing challenges, paradoxes, problems and untapped opportunities in the corporate world of Moscow?
Re-inventing the Grade-A Office:
Grade A offices constitute the highest contemporary standard in commercial working space. However, corporate work patterns are changing as fast as the new office blocks of this standard are going up. This study takes as its starting point a careful examination of contemporary working life in Moscow, where – more than in most cities – global trends have historically materialised in boldly experimental building typologies. Can we re-formulate, amplify, alter or totally do away with the regulations for working space in order to adapt – not only to the way we work – but also to the specific climate conditions of Moscow? Can we challenge the global paradigm of undifferentiated office space in a CBD glass tower and diversify the notion of the Grade-A office in terms of urbanism and architecture? The aim of this studio is to find answers to these and many more questions.

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