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Team: Lina Bondarenko, Martin Byrne, Holly Childs, Kei Kreutler, Jelena Viskovic

Emerging from speculations on urban software layers and research on informal economies, Patternist reimagines the spatial experience of the city embedded within a mixed reality platform. The project encompasses an introductory demo of a location-based augmented reality game, presented alongside urban research, gameplay documentation, and fictional materials.

The gameplay centers around exploring the terrain of a fictional exoplanet, Patternist-3, overlaid onto Earth’s surface through augmented layers. Three teams trade and collaborate to collect fragments of the global-scale map and transform their territory.

The project responds to the effects of urban scale artificial intelligence on a near-future Moscow through the lense of a location-based augmented reality that codifies the city through the urban typologies that are not immediately legible to the topological view of artificial intelligence.

Extending this obfuscatory logic, the game acts as a strategy to facilitate alternative social and economic networks within cities through an algorithmic trading system. Its technical roadmap of decentralization looks toward how distributed ledger technology will change in-game economies as virtual assets rapidly circulate through location-based platforms.

For the introductory demo, Patternist is built upon intensive research into several neighborhoods of Moscow, which inspires a chimerical inventory of game objects spawned in unique locations throughout the city. From darkened underpasses to onion domes, the game transposes site specific urbanism and design onto the topology of another planet that is constantly transformed and terraformed in real-time by players.

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