Studio report

Trading remains one of the most vital urban activities — what shapes our retail routine in present day Moscow?
We are all Retail Agents. Retail is the fuel, the ever-present and eternally shifting image of the urban routine. It projects the invisible meta-city onto the façades before the citizen is even aware of it, filling our dreams, turning us into willing consumer-advertisers.
Moscow has been activated. The Post-Soviet deficit has become the catalyst. The seams will be revealed wherever retail takes root, in its highly adaptive, fluid and predatory form, binding the city in a complex network of services and goods, production and distribution, buyers and sellers.
What is beneath the gloss, where are the tension points, the political will, the points of subversion? This studio will critically review the underlying forces at play and the spatial dynamics of this colonising agent in Moscow, a major player in the global consumer culture.

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