Public programme at Strelka Institute is a series of lectures, discussions and workshops which are open to the public and are free of charge.

The Institute’s courtyard and studios host a broad variety of events, turning into a lecture-hall, an international conference space, an interdisciplinary workshop site, a cinema, a theatre, music hall and a trade fair.

Over the past years, Strelka’s public program has hosted Vint Cerf, Kazuyo Sejima, Rem Koolhaas, Charles Renfro, Boris Groys, Lev Manovich, Hani Rashid, Ilya Segalovich, Jürgen Mayer, Thomas Heatherwick, Will Alsop, Kevin Spacey, Toyo Ito, Fang Zhenning, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Winy Maas, and others. Summer educational events are connected with Strelka’s annual research theme, in order to contribute to its further exploration, and to bring up unconventional and unselfconscious informal discussions and public talks.


The curators of Strelka’s public programme invite acclaimed architects, urbanists, designers, artists, scientists and public persons to talk about what they know best: cutting-edge technologies, new concepts in design and architecture, and the future of the cities and the world itself.


Strelka's multidisciplinary approach reveals itself in workshops, just as it does in its academic program: participants can be from various backgrounds. Workshops usually last from 2 to 7 days, during the course of which entrants work together with the curator to produce public artworks, apps, software prototype models and even music tracks.


Strelka Institute holds meetings of influential Russian culture experts, designers, architects, urban entrepreneurs, and other professionals whose work affects the city. In public discussions, experts discuss the changes, challenges and prospects for their industry, talk about their projects and answer questions from the audience.


Knowledge production never stops even during the holidays. But in the evenings and on the weekends lectures and workshops give place to cinema screenings, ping-pong contests, flea markets, readings and other entertainments.


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