Tuesday 28.05.13, 19:00
Waste: Divide and Conquer. Day 1 (Conferences)

At a two day conference at the Strelka Institute of Media, Architecture and Design expert speakers will examine waste management from the individual up to organizational and even national level. 










english with russian translation

Waste management system needs to be improved as you read this. Our world is gradually becoming overpopulated and more and more interconnected. The defining challenge of the 21st Century is demanding new forms of global cooperation. The paradox of a unified global economy and divided  national societies poses the single greatest threat for our planet. And although there are appropriate waste management solutions, the main problem is the global framework that should put them in place where they are most needed. Let's try to create it.

In some countries waste management has been refined to a completely new level. The examples of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway , which have managed to establish effective systems at a national level, can and should be learnt from.

On May 28 speakers from Sweden and Denmark will discuss their approaches and experience of waste management - experience that so far remains unique despite the Scandinavian countries reputation as the undisputed global leaders in the field.

Our guests:
Jenny Åström, project manager Export Avfall Sverige, Swedish Waste Management
Anders Gerhard Jørgensen, Project manager, sustainability BMS, Campus Service , Technical University of Denmark
Christian Stiglitz, CEO at European Institute of Environmental Eonomics
Raimond Made, Partner at European Institute of Environmental Economics
Frans Willemse, Chair WG Collection & Transport Technology at ISWA International Solid Waste Association