Wednesday 18.06.14 – 20.06.14, 10:00

The workshop is supported by innovation partner “MegaFon”  


18.06.14 – 20.06.14











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In the workshop participants will produce and share bytes of information that makeup traces of ZIL Culture Centre designed by Vesnin brothers.

Using a Kinect sensor to scan its interiors, the participants will manufacture 3D point cloud representations, and record its background noise, the frequencies and vibrations of its technical systems with contact microphones.

The research will result in an online archive, a webpage for dj-ing with spatial and aural records, a columbarium of externalised information.

Participants should bring а recording device with a mini-jack input (diameter of 3.5 mm, approx. 1⁄8 inch). Most phones are equipped with them. Please, consider wearing appropriate shoes to get inside the building.

Paolo Patelli is an architect and researcher, working with media technologies, hybrid publics and situated practices to reconnect the physical dimension of the city with the affordances of a networked public sphere. PhD candidate in the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies at the Politecnico di Milano, research consultant and co-author of Urban Sensing. With Giuditta Vendrame he is part of La Jetée, a collaborative effort aiming to develop words, images and tools that make people re-see themselves and the world around them. He is interested in the ways media and information technologies reprogram the geography and people’s experience of everyday public life, and in how design and citizens can shape the conjunctions therein.

He has taught Design Methods and Creative Coding at NABA New Academy of Fine Arts; in 2013 he was a research resident at the CIID Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design; in 2011 Paolo was a visiting PhD student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a researcher at MIT’s SENSEable City Lab. With Senseable City Lab, he has exhibited projects, including at the MoMA in New York, Gwangju Design Biennale, MAXXI in Rome, MIT Museum; personal projects have been presented at the CCA in Montreal, at Hybrid Cities in Athens and at Punta della Dogana during the the XIII Venice Architecture Biennale. He has contributed articles on international journals and magazine, including MONU, Krisis, Visual Studies, and has presented his work at several conferences, including Cumulus, Human Cities, IEEE ICALT. He has lectured and given workshops at the Politecnico di Milano, NABA, Domus Academy, Trade School Milano, Artellewa art space in Cairo, DECODE in Monterrey, SALT in Istanbul. 

The workshop is an eclectic series of events, among which are a workshop on data visualisation, a conference on digital archivalism, and an interactive multimedia exhibition and a concert. Together they form a platform for discussion of virtual structures that inform and influence modern models of text and information presentation. It is a laboratory for experimental inquiries into the nature of the digital realm and its intersection with the lived space. 

The workshop supported by innovation partner “MegaFon”.