Sunday 22.06.14, 20:00
Santiago Calatrava: The quest for movement (Lectures)

Famous Spanish sculptor and architect on a new live dimension for architectural projects 

Using nature and the human body as an inspiration one of the most well-known contemporary Spanish architects and sculptors Santiago Calatrava has drawn from these sources to create a wide body of work including Sculptures, Artwork, Architecture and Engineering.

His lecture will concentrate on the formal research Santiago Calatrava has personally undertaken in his pursuit of an aesthetic expression of these qualities in his work to date.

Santiago Calatrava is a humanist-architect, the leading representative in the field of “Biotech.” His works include “City of Arts and Sciences” in Valencia, the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Chords Bridge (or “The Bridge of Strings”) in Jerusalem, and the new terminal for the Bilbao Airport. Calatrava has said that he finds inspiration only in man and nature. This is the reason why Calatrava’s projects are all scaled to the human body, steeping visitors in a sense of harmony.

The lecture is a part of Polytech at Strelka collaborative educational programme created by the Polytechnic Museum and the Strelka Institute. The program will include a series of events dedicated to popular science and new developments in contemporary art at the intersection where science, architecture and visual art collide. From May through September 2014, the Strelka Institute will host public lectures and seminars on science-art, as well as multiple activities for curators, artists and museum professionals.