Friday 27.06.14 – 11.07.14, 19:30
Urban Routines: Exhibition of Strelka Student Projects (PRESENTATION)


27.06.14 – 11.07.14









Muscovites driving their cars, staring at their computers, shopping, raising families and watching TV – this is the lifeblood of the city. A city is several million routines, crisscrossing, free-flowing or grinding to a halt – an infinite number of daily experiences that make up the complex world of the ordinary. And it is a world that is under-researched.

Urban Routines is the theme of Strelka’s current academic year. Student research and public lectures have aspired to build an understanding of Moscow through the daily movements and rituals of Muscovites. What does this everyday life look like? How is it changing? And do our routines shape the city as much as the city shapes our routines?

For the past four months Strelka students have been working on their research projects in four studios: Cars, Dwelling, Retail, and Offices. The Final Exhibition is based on the results of these investigations and is a collection of statements about the vast realm of Moscow's Urban Rotuines.  

The final exhibition "Urban Routines" will present the results of Strelka's Education Programme 2013/14 and the students' research into the theme of Urban Routines.

Curatorial team: Kuba Snopek, Justin McGuirk, OK-RM

Exhibition opening: June 27, 19:30, Strelka courtyard