Saturday 12.07.14, 13:00
PRESENTATION OF THE RESULTS OF THE WORKSHOP ‘Artvertiser: Augmented reality and the urban environment’ (PRESENTATION)

The presentation of the results of the workshop by Arturo Castro in frames of Polytech.Science.Art program of the Polytechnic Museum. Supported by innovation partner “MegaFon”  













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At the final presentation for the workshop, Arturo Castro will discuss the work, premiering a joint project employing augmented reality and the technology of computer visualisation in the urban environment. As part of the three-day workshop, the participants will have put their own art-projects on public display in the city, replacing advertising on electronic billboards. Julian will be giving several excursions around Moscow for all those interested in experiencing these projects in person.

Arturo Castro is an artist, educator and engineer currently based in Berlin. He is one of the core developers of the open source toolkit for artists and designers openFrameworks. Currently he works on his own and collaborates with other artists and technologists on projects usually in the field of interactive installations. He's main interests are related with open source culture in the context of artistic practices and technology literacy and his work has been exhibited in museums like Maison d'Ailleurs in Switzerland, the London Design Museum or Moscow's Multimedia Art Museum among others. 

The presentation of the workshop results is organized within the interdisciplinary programme Polytech.Science.Art of the Polytechnic Museum in association with Strelka Institute and supported by innovation partner "MegaFon". All events of the program are dedicated to one of the most significant phenomenon of contemporary culture – interdisciplinary collaboration between artists, scientists and technology specialists. The program starts in 2014 with a series of workshops and lectures of international and Russian experts, artists, researchers, including influential representatives of science art, the experts acknowledged by international scientific community and granted with numerous awards and prizes, as well as young professionals. Many of them will present their projects in Russia for the first time.