Tuesday 15.07.14 – 22.07.14, 11:00
Urban treasures: video (Workshops)

Summer school on documentary video as a creative method of investigating urban space creatively held by film directors Marina Razbezhkina and Denis Klebleyev 

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15.07.14 – 22.07.14






studio 2


800 rub



In the workshop guided by film directors Marina Razbezhkina and Denis Klebleyev you will be able to find out how to see a city the way it really is, how to scrutinize its infrastructure, its demands, the life of city dwellers its paradoxes and how to bring to public attention the conclusions made in the course of the analysis with the help of maps, diagrams, timelines and graphs.

The participants in the workshop will hold their research sessions in Izmailovo, one of Moscow’s paradoxical and at the same time rather typical districts, and will present their short documentaries as a result of their one week’s workshop activity.

You don’t need to be a professional cameraman or a film director to participate in the workshop. However, knowledge of film editing applications is most welcome even though it is not compulsory.

To take part in the workshop one has to be able to use some video equipment such as professional video camera, a photo camera with video as an option, a cellphone capable of HD video recording. You are also required to have a notebook at hand in the course of the entire workshop.

  • Number of participants: 20
  • The participants will be selected by competition
  • Application deadline: July 13th

Presenters of the workshop:

Marina Razbezhkina – is one of the most instrumental figures involved in raising a new generation of documentary filmmakers in Russia today. After graduating from Kazan State University, she entered the world of documentary filmmaking, first as a screenwriter and later as a director. Throughout her career, Marina has lectured at leading institutions including Kazan University, Moscow’s Natalia Nesterova University and the Internews Film and TV school. The Marina Razbezhkina School of Documentary Films and Theatre is now one of the most popular film schools in Russia, the graduates of which have gone on to win prizes at Russian and international film festivals.

Denis Klebleyev is a documentary film director, a photograph and a cameraman. He has completed a studio course run by the photographer and photography theorist Alexander Lapin. In 2012 he graduated from Marina Razbezhkina’s school of documentary film-making and theater production. His diploma film “Flight 31” was first shown at the Artdocfest film festival in 2012 and received the festival’s prise as best full-length film.

Kirill Bobrov is operator, color corrector, a specialist in post-production. Worked on such projects as "The Return" (Andrew Zvyashintsev, 2003), "72 meters" (Vladimir Hotinenko, 2004), "Garpastum" (Alexei German Jr.., 2005), "Free Floating" (Boris Khlebnikov, 2006), "Help Gone Mad "(Boris Khlebnikov, 2009)," How I Ended This Summer "(Alex Popogrebsy, 2010), "High Security Vacation"(Igor Zaitsev, 2009), etc.