Tuesday 22.07.14, 20:00
Fair Enough Week: Urban Legends (Discussions)

Event in frames of series of discussions on architectural ideas that were presented at the exhibition «Fair Enough», made ​​by the Strelka Institute in the Russian pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale. 













«In the exhibition, we present the famous «House on Tulskaya» as a prototype for an above-ground bunker. The legendary House of a New Way of Living in Novii Cheremushki promotes an approach to developing residential architectural based on sociological research and observation of the daily life of residents. Absolutely unknown even to technology specialists, the “Ramablok” developed by Lazar Khidekel during World War II is shown as a resource for building shelters out of debris following a disaster. All of these interpretations are based on the image that the architects and public generated around the project. As often occurs, the reality is more modest, which is why we want to debate how the rhetoric around a project can exceed its reality». — Anton Kalgaev, Brendan McGetrick and Daria Paramonova, curators of «Fair Enough»

Architectural myth: a marketing ploy, an argument for conservation, or the basis of an identity? Why, how and for whom are architectural myths created? How is it that the myth around an architectural object can alter the public’s relationship to it? What kind of architecture lends itself best to this type of mythologizing?

These are some of the issues to be addressed by «Fair Enough» participants architect Ivan Kuryachiy and historian Daria Bocharnikova, along with sociologist Vladimir Verkhovin and architect Denis Romodin.

The conversation will be moderated by exhibition curators Anton Kalgaev and Daria Paramonova.