Monday 11.08.14, 20:00
The Age of Cyberculture: Storytelling and Habitation (Lectures)

São Paulo based architect, designer, urban planner and writer Guto Requena will talk about digital and hybrid technologies and how to use it in creation of spaces and objects out of emotions, memory and poetry. 













Guto Requena, brazilian architect, is sensitively pushing the boundaries of design, architecture and urban planning in Brazil, using digital and interactive technologies to bring stories and emotions to the urban life. With projects like the Google and Walmart headquarters (this last one Archdaily – «Building of the Year 2014 for Interior Architecture»), Requena has found a successful formula to integrate memory and poetic narratives in his creations exploring hybrid techniques, overlaying analogic with numeric, ultimately interpreting cyberculture as an agent of redefinition of our daily lives in an affective way. Guto will discuss the informatization of the urban context, the extension of product life cycles through affection, interaction design, hyper-realities, and also net activism as an engine of innovation of the public space. Guto will share his vision on interaction and experience in the Age of Cyberculture.

Guto Requena is an architect with a Master degree on Architecture & Urban Planning from University of São Paulo. Guto is a scholar on cyberculture and the impact of new technologies in design. In 2008 he founded the Estudio Guto Requena and since then makes design consultancy, develops residential and commercial spaces, interactive installations and furniture design. He was a professor at Panamerican School of Arts and Design and at IED. Since 2012 Guto has a design column at newspaper Folha de São Paulo, and already wrote and hosted TV and web shows for Brazilian TV Globo.

More information about Estudio Guto Requena's projects you can find here.