Wednesday 20.08.14, 20:00
The interactive future of 3D Scanning (Lectures)

Architecture and designer Matthew Shaw will tell about new technologies in 3D scanning, as opening unseen possibilities for architecture and urban planning. The lecture and its online-streaming of the lecture is supported by innovation partner “MegaFon”  













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At Strelka ScanLABco-founder Matthew Shaw will tell about 3D-scanning technology and new levels of responsiveness, enabling us soon to explore a life-size digital replica of the real world. While at the moment digital scans are displayed on computers, soon the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset, will allow us to walk around these virtual environments, blurring the lines between real and digital. At the basis of this new step for architecture, design and urban planning, a new generation of terrestrial laser scanners able to produce incredibly dense digital renderings, called “point clouds”, "a really interesting medium, like photography of the 1800s, very much in its infancy.” The company recently collaborated with fashion brand Vivienne Westwood to produce the first fashion shoot created with 3D laser scanners instead of cameras.

Matthew Shaw founded ScanLAB Projects with William Trossell in 2010 in London, focusing in large scale 3D data capture. ScanLAB scans in full colour creating millimetre perfect 3D dataset of objects, buildings and landscapes for use in Design, Making and Visualisation. Their backgrounds include architecture, fabrication and visualisation. Matthew teach and lead a research group at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. The work of ScanLAB Projects has been exhibited in institutions like the Venice Biennale, and outlets like Wired Magazine and BBC.