Tuesday 02.09.14, 20:00
A school for a new generation (Conferences)

Conference by KB Strelka team on models of Russian general education schools and possible scenarios for their modernization 

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Redesigning the space of a school – a conservative institution imbued with great significance by state and society – is a complex and lengthy process, albeit one of incredible relevance at the present point in time. The new educational paradigm stipulates a departure from the absolute dominance of the class-lesson system, proposing individual lessons, the project principle in learning for older classes, and preparation for entrance into both Russian and foreign universities. It is clear that the old standards for organising school space are fundamentally incapable of conforming to modern needs.

The team at KB Strelka, having recently come up with a new universal model for a general education school, now feel like real reformers. Rather than formulate a concept for the spatial organisation of a “post-industrial” teaching facility, its experts set about tracing the evolution of educational space, researching the market for schools in Moscow, revealing the insufficiencies of the contemporary regulatory and legal framework, as well as perfecting the mechanisms for calculating the amount of rooms required for the teaching process.

During the conference, KB Strelka’s specialists will share their findings, airing scenarios for the spatial modernisation of a typical Russian school. The coordinator of the “MGU Boarding School” project will also present a special report on creating a contemporary educational centre for gifted children on the basis of a specially designed and effective educational environment.

KB Strelka is the consulting subdivision of the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design. It separated from the latter towards the end of 2013, to form an autonomous company of its own. KB (Konstruktor Budushchego or ‘Constructor of the Future’) specialises in strategic consulting in the fields of architecture, urban planning, and cultural and spatial programming. 


–  Yelena Kharisova, curator of the project “A boarding school for gifted children at Moscow State M. V. Lomonosov University,” educational psychologist:  
"A contemporary format for a new school: unity of architectural and educational space"

–  Grigory Revzin, partner at KB Strelka, architectural critic, director of KB Strelka’s project “A new model school”: 
"Values of educational spaces"

–  Rozalia Tarnovetskaya, senior consultant at KB Strelka, urbanist, team member of KB Strelka’s project “A new model school”: 

–  Alyona Zhmurova, senior consultant at KB Strelka, architect, team member of KB Strelka’s project “A new model school”: 
"The peculiarities of the Russian regulatory and legal framework in the field of school construction"

–  Yana Kozak, Strelka Institute graduate, architect, member of the research team “Benchmarking Moscow’s schools”: 
"The Moscow schools market"