Thursday 04.09.14, 13:30
New cultural centres: who for, what for, and how? (Workshops)

What kind of culture do people need today? How has the format of culture center changed last year's? What algorithms are available for cultural centers development? These and other questions will be discussed by regional culture centers representatives at the Strelka Institute seminar. 

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Over the last few years, there has been lively development of projects for cultural centres across the entirety of Russia – creative platforms with a multitude of different tendencies, sizes and work formats. There are small projects launched by activists themselves, as well as large-scale state programmes and cultural centres located within the commercial projects of private developers. The curators and founders of such projects typically combine two key objectives: to grant young creative people the opportunity to bring their ideas to life, and to stimulate interest among the wider public for contemporary cultural projects, creating new forms of leisure.

These cultural projects continue to increase their scope and are expanding beyond the framework of standard art forms. More and more interdisciplinary projects are appearing on the frontiers between culture and the urban environment, education, science and so forth.

Each project has its success stories, but many problem areas still remain, which might well be solved if all interested parties were to work on them together.

Research has shown that the average Russian city-dweller’s interest in culture is very low, and interest in contemporary culture is almost totally absent. As such, popular leisure activities consist of spending time at home or in a shopping centre. At the same time, state programmes are frequently only carried out at the formal level, often failing to reach those people who would actually be interested in them.

Representatives of cultural centres from various Russian cities (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Ulyanovsk, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok and others) are gathering at the Strelka Institute to deliberate upon the issues of most importance to the further development of cultural centres:

What kind of culture do people need? What role should culture play today?

How can we work with that part of the public which is already interested, while simultaneously adapting projects to appeal to the tastes and demands of a wider audience?

How differently do the mechanisms involved work in larger and smaller cities?

How can a system for interaction between state cultural programmes and youth initiatives best be fostered?

Seminar aims:

- To facilitate exchange of experiences between participants from different cities across Russia;

- To identify those vectors of development that make cultural centres a success in the contemporary context;

- To consider possible algorithms of development for cultural centres.  

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