Monday 08.09.14, 20:00
Peter Ebner: Hard space-soft space (Lectures)

Austrian architect Peter Ebner on urban planning quality, battle with monotonous city development and problems with understanding architectural contests 














All of us like to have a «freedom of choice». But reality rarely provides it and as a result we live in the fixed pre-defined conditions . Especially absence of individuality is evident in the urban structure of contemporary cities spaces without any face, boring and repeating destroy any hope for diversity.

If we look on the examples of historical cities map we will figure out that architects had a clear knowledge of what urban spaces are supposed to be. The main quality of them was in great diversity of different sizes. Nowdays – we lost it and continue to loose.

What can we do to create the quality of spaces in the city again. How to stop thinking about urban planning from mainly graphical point of view and start to imagine it in 3d dimension? How to create spaces for people and to make their life in the city interesting and comfortable? On the examples from the architectural company «Peter Ebner and friends» office international practice and samples from other international offices Prof. Peter Ebner will describe how to create different qualities of spaces and variations which we all like from historic towns in contemporary way.

In the lecture will be also discussed that sometimes it can seems that the easiest way of making new high quality architecture and urban spaces in the city is to invite architects from foreign countries. But in this case the main topic is that they usually are not very familiar with the city. How to have foreign specialists in the city, create the right dialog with them. Prof. Ebner will describe experience of his practice and make few examples from the cities which sucessfully work on the intenational level in architecture.

Peter Ebner – Austrian architect, graduate from the Graz Technical university in architecture and from the University of business in Linz, founder of Peter Ebner Architecture. Prof. Ebner was teaching in GSD Harvard University, University of Roma Tre, Architecture school in Slovenia, University of Madrid. From 2003 to 2009 he was Chair/Professor for Housing and Housing economics in Technische Universitat Munchen. From 2009 – director of the FutureLAB by UCLA in collaboration with 3M in Los Angeles. From 2013 – professor at the University of Huddersfield.

From 1996 buro of Peter Ebner was making projects in Austria, Germany, USA, Mexico, Monaco, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Italy, United Arab Emirates, France, Switzerland.