Wednesday 10.09.14, 18:00
A City of Different Cultures: Day Two (Conferences)

Authors of arts projects tackling the cultural and ethnic diversity of contemporary cities discuss the problems their projects are helping to solve  

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Globally, 232 million people are now living as migrants outside their home countries. The large metropolises constitute those places most attractive to them and Moscow is no exception. The city already had a multi-national aspect and continues to develop as a city of different cultures today. 

What language and which artistic forms can be used to address multiculturalism and the multiethnic? What problems connected with migrants do these arts projects hope to solve?

On the second day of the “City of Different Cultures” conference, authors of arts projects in the fields of cinema, street art, media art, photography, architecture and linguistics make their presentations, discussing from their different angles the cultural diversity of contemporary cities, and inviting townsfolk to join in the debates.  

Conference participants:

Sona Stepanyan, curator
Exhibition "Project with an emphasis"

Alexander Sorin, curator
Project "They"

Ksenia Diodorova, photographer and graphic designer
Project "In The Cold"

Maria Fadeeva, architectural columnist, one of the authors of 'New Moscow 4' Guide, co-author of educational project 'Svoboda dostupa' (Freedom of entrance), participant of the architrctural project ARCHIWOOD, lecturer of Moscow Architecture School (MARSH)
Excursion course "Moscow Of The 1920s – jewish in in the big city"

Elizaveta Bobryashova, deputy director of Park Muzeon  
Olga Zhitlina, artist, author of the project 
«School of migrants languages»

Curators of the conference:

Dmitry Oparin, ethnologist, teacher in the History Faculty’s ethnological department at the Moscow State Lomonosov University, journalist.   

Yekaterina Demintseva, teacher in the Department of Cultural Studies, leading research associate at the Laboratory for Cultural Research, leading reading research associate at the NIU Higher School of Economics’ Institute for Managing Social Processes.

Ekaterina Girshina, an expert on involving city residents in the processes of urban development as director of social and cultural programs at the Strelka Institute.