Friday 12.09.14, 20:00
Beatriz Colomina: Towards a Radical Pedagogy (Lectures)

Beatriz Colomina architectural historian tells about the influence of radical pedagogical experiments on post-war architecture 













Among the many factors that influence the architecture formed the second half of the twentieth century, we should not ignore the role of teaching. Pedagogical experiments were innovative for the time, violated the formalities, instead of amplifying and distributing them. That period is characterized by collective disobedience to the bureaucracy and capital, cold and Vietnam wars. American environment grew out of the consumption of plastic and mass-produced objects. Sci-fi novels are reflected in the achievements of the brave new world of computer technology, gadgets and spaceships. Architecture could not stay away from such changes. She tried to assert his claim to the new territory. Do something similar happen today?

Beatriz Colomina - architectural historian, the Founding Director of Media and Modernity Program at Princeton. Most of Beatriz works are dedicated to architecture and modern institutions of representation, in particular the print media, photography, advertising, cinema and television. Her best-known works are: Privacy and Publicity:Modern Architecture as Mass Media (International Award of the American Institute of Architects 1995), Sexuality and Space (International Book Award 1993). Beatriz has lectured around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Architectural Institute of Japan in Tokyo, Center for Contemporary Art and Architecture in Stockholm.

After the lecture there will be a discussion «New architectural education».


Beatriz Colomina - architectural historian, the Founding Director of Media and Modernity Program at Princeton

Nikita Tokarev - architect, director at The Moscow School of Architecture (MARCH)

Brendan McGetrick -  writer, lecturer at Strelka Institute, co-curator Fair Enough in the Russian pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale


Anna Poznyak -  Strelka Institute alumni, analyst at the Program Committee of the Moscow Urban Forum