Monday 15.09.14, 20:00
A Responsive City

The winner of MoMa PS1 2014 award for young architects David Benjamin will tell about cities that can adapt to the environment in real time.











The new pace of global political, cultural, environmental change, asks architecture and design for a new responsive paradigm. Along with his partner at The Living, architect Soo-in Yang, Benjamin has already created paradigm-shifting projects, such as Living Light, an interactive canopy in Seoul that reacts to air quality; and Amphibious Architecture, which communicates the level of pollution in New York’s Hudson River. Or the latest Hy-Fi, the first large scale structure to use a mushroom brick technology, winner of the Young Architects Program 2014 at the MoMA PS1. 

The Living is a research based practice focusing on the invisible forces that rule our world, and explores the potential of architecture to adapt in real time to these forces. The Lab thinks of its projects as part of larger trajectories of design and construction, borrowing from the discoveries and technologies of others and also making its own findings and prototypes available for re-use and further development.

David Benjamin is principal at architecture firm The Living and director of the Living Architecture Lab at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation.The practice and the lab explore new technologies and create prototypes of the architecture of the future. Before receiving a master of architecture degree from Columbia, Benjamin graduated from Harvard with a B.A. in social studies. The Living NY was recently acquired by software giant Autodesk.