Tuesday 16.09.14, 20:00
The Plan: external vision of Moscow in transformation (PRESENTATION)

Editors of international architectural magazine The Plan on the research of developing cities and the special special issue devoted to the architecture of Moscow 













THE PLAN is one of the most acclaimed architecture and design magazine on the Italian market and, thanks to its strongly international approach, is today among the most successful and widely read magazines world wide. Founded in 2000 by chief editors Nicola Leonardi and Carlotta Zucchini, The PLAN is exploring the most interesting architectural design from around the world. Two years ago,the magazine launched a large-scale research of the infrastructure of various cities: Dublin, Milan, New York, Guadalajara, Istanbul, Hamburg, London, Paris, Berlin, Medellin and Beijing.

Moscow has also been selected for this research and as a main objective for the latestissue of The Plan. Authors of the research, Italian architects Andrea Boschetti and Federico Parolotto will present the results of their Moscow study and will talk about their view on the transformation of the Russian capital.

Andrea Boschetti – architect, ex-Chief Architect of the city of Milan City Council, scientific consultant and member of the editorial team of the magazineThe Plan. In 2000 he founded METROGRAMMA, professional studio of architecture and urban design, working together with Alberto Francini for over ten years. The Milanese Studio Is in charge of the development of prestigious projects of architecture and urbanism in Italy and Internationally. From 2006 to 2010, he was the scientific director of the new plan for the development of the city of Milano (PGT), new structuring driving the development of the city for the future. From 2014, he has opened and driven a new office of architecture and urban design in Moscow.

Federico Parolotto – engineer, a specialist in the field of transport infrastructure, member of the advisory council for sustainable master plan of the transport system in Milan, Senior Partner Desk Mobility in chain, working with such architectural companies such as Foster + Partners, OMA, FOA, West8, UN Studio.