Thursday 30.07.15, 20:00
The Internet of Everywhere a.k.a The Post-Screen User Interface (Lectures)

The creative director of Huge Tim Nolan will lecture on changes in our interaction with gadgets after overpassing user interface. 

Тим Нолан. Что будет после тачскрина from Strelka Institute on Vimeo.

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No matter how interactive or dynamic, our digital experiences are limited by a constraint so fundamental that we barely think about it: the screen. In many ways, our devices have become extensions of ourselves—but the screen remains a boundary between digital and physical realities, limiting the value devices can deliver to users. Soon, post-screen user interfaces will make this boundary porous.

Recent advances in user interface design are fueling this shift: we began with the Graphical User Interface (GUI), which allows us to manipulate information on screens with a mouse or keyboard. Today, the Tangible User Interface (TUI), better known as the touch screen, allows us to interact physically with digital information — a capability we have come to expect.

Tim Nolan, creative director of Huge and founder of Universalscene, will speak about the things that will replace touchscreen. Nolan worked with the most famous world digital agencies and won prestigious awards, such as Cannes Lions, Effie Awards and Webby Awards.

The lecture will be given in English with synchronized translation into Russian.

The partner of the event is Rambler&Co.