Friday 31.07.15 – 01.08.15, 16:00
Tim Nolan. How to create an urban digital service (DIGITAL AUGUST)

A workshop on creating urban apps concepts led by Huge creative director and founder of Universalscene


31.07.15 – 01.08.15







Applications and online services have become an important element of our interactions with the city. We use applications to plan our routes, order a taxi, arrange meetings, monitor the weather and discounts, pay for services, pay fines, order food and interact with city authorities.

Tim Nolan, creative director and winner of Huge Cannes Lions, will help the participants in creating the concept of a digital service which predicts the behavior of the urban environment, such as (but not limited to) weather, traffic or infrastructure.

The participants of the workshop will:

— Learn about the existing services for interacting with the city

— Examine the principles of urban applications

— Learn how applications for predicting the environmental behavior work

— Learn how to work effectively in a team on the concept of a web application

— Learn how to sell their ideas to the client or team

— Introduce the concept of services ready for implementation

The workshop is aimed at professionals in the field of advertising, planners, developers, product managers and digital creatives.

Participants will need laptops with Keynote or Powerpoint installed.

Rambler & Co is the partner of the event