Saturday 01.08.15, 11:00
Selector PRO. Day 2 (Weekends)

Workshops on promotion of festivals and independent labels, discussions on musical and interactive journalism with editor­in­chief of Dazed and Confused and music laboratory under the guidance of Michela Magas  

Selector PRO is a festival organized by the British Council and Strelka Institute and devoted to the British musical industry. During Selector PRO events one can learn about work and the course of British labels, festivals, music magazines and booking agencies development. 

Second day of the festival programme scheldule:

11:00 -16:00

Laboratory “New Music Formats” under the guidance of Michela Magas, founder of the Music Tech festival , counselor of European Digital EU Development Commission, creator of musical application Sonaris System and chief of the innovative laboratory Stomatolite.

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Workshop “Festival promotion in digital space” under the guidance of festival Field Day digital­ director John Clifford.

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Workshop “How to make an independent label successful” under the guidance of label Donky Pitch founders Peter Taylor and David Grinnell

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Discussion “When do Radiohead come, why are the tickets so expensive and other questions about concert business which you want to know but were afraid to ask” with Igor Tonkikh (Glavklub) Dmitry Zaretsky (Pop Farm) Jayson Edwards (Coda Agency) Greg Low (The Agency Group), Steve Nicholls (The Agency Group). Gleb Lisichkin will moderate the discussion.


Discussion “Future of urban festivals” with John Clifford (Field Day) Andrey Samorukov (Subbotnik) Anna Pavlyuchkova “Picnic Afisha”. Georgy Birger will moderate the discussion.


Discussion “Do we need music” with writer and journalist Paul Morley, legendary electronic musician Matthew Herbert and editor­-in-­chief of Prime Russian Magazine Maxim Semelyak.

The festival is held with organizational and informational support from, “Afisha”, The Village, Zvooq,, MEGAPOLIS FM, business school